General easy recipes for all occasions!

All non-original recipes have sources quoted, but NONE are copied outright; the source is quoted because I got original inspiration from other sources, and all reflect my personal baking experience and are paraphrased or re-written in my own words. All pictures are original.

Main Courses & Sides:

Pasta & Pizza Crackers Loaf Bread Biscuits & Rolls Muffins Flat Pan Breads Other Bread Recipes Stovetop Treats Sauces Soups Egg Dishes Sandwiches Rice Potatoes Vegetable Dishes Fruit Dishes


Icings, Glazes, & Frostings Pies & Tarts Cookies Brownies & Bars Cakes Candies Sweet Bread Confections Puddings, Mousses, & Ice Creams Other Desserts


Main Courses & Sides

Pasta & Pizza
Thai Noodles SpaghettiOs with Parmesan Noodles in Faery Butter
Luminous Crescents Picnic Calzones Lacy Parmesan Crisps
Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Crumb Topping Homemade Pizza Makaronio Me Feta
Zaru Soba (with sauce) Baked Macaroni with a Twist Cheezish Macaroni (vegan)

Poppy Seed and Sea Salt Crackers Cheddar Cheese Crackers A Rich Cracker

Loaf Bread
Ivy's Soy Milk Bread Lammas Bread Plain Bread Recipe
Plaited Loaf Caretaker Farm Bread Brown Soda Bread
Apple Bread Apple Loaf Lemon Bread
Banana Bread May Day Maple Hearth Bread Soda Bread
Brede's Braid Bread Cheddar Cheese Bread Harvest Bread Basket
Pumpkin Bread Pan de Muertos Springtime Strawberry Bread
  Cardamom Bread  

Biscuits & Rolls
Ivy's Quick Breakfast Biscuits Angelic Biscuits Savory Cheddar Biscuits
Hot Cross Buns Buttermilk Graham Bread Mother's Buttermilk Biscuits
Spiced Pumpkin Biscuits Orange Tea Biscuits Dinner Rolls
Yankee Rye Biscuits Butter-Yogurt Biscuits Caraway Dinner Rolls
Traditional Sweet Scones Parmesan Biscuits Hootie's Mystery Biscuits
  Chocolate Chip Scones Ginger Biscuits

Miniature Muffins Plain Muffins Maple Nut Muffins
Blueberry Muffins Pumpkin Muffins Cranberry Muffins
Jam-Filled Muffins Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffins Cinnamon-Buttermilk Muffins
Welsh Honey Cakes Popovers  

Flat Pan Breads
Butter Dips The Best Scones Scones of Edinburgh
Cornbread Boxty Scones Irish Potato Bread
Dutch Baby Pancake Cape Breton Bannocks  

Other Bread Recipes
Homemade Soft Pretzels Fried Bread and Eggs Cheesy Bread
Anise Biscotti Faeryland French Toast Honey-Bun French Toast

Stovetop Treats
Vareneky Faeryland French Toast Indian Fry Bread
Mashed Potato Pancakes "Be Sweet" Honey Cakes Elder Flower Fritters
Latkes Whole-Grain Waffles Pancakes

White Cheese Sauce Good Gravy

Shribble Soup Mushroom Soup Tomato Soup and Boats

Egg Dishes
Ivy's Quick Breakfast Sandwiches Candlemas Sunrise Fried Bread and Eggs
Deviled Eggs Quiche Lorraine Dutch Baby Pancake

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cut-Out Sandwiches

Yellow Rice

Latkes Mashed Potatoes Mashed Potato Pancakes
Irish Potato Bread French Fries Vareneky
Mushroom-Stuffed Dinner Jacket Potatoes Shepherd's Vegetable Pie Mashed Potatoes Baked with Three Cheeses
Mashed Potato Soup Farls Seitan "Meat & Potatoes" Stew

Vegetable Dishes
Artichokes Corn and Bac-Os Full Moon Cauliflower
Clear-Sight Carrots Corn Pudding Shepherd's Vegetable Pie

Fruit Dishes
Fellowship Fruit Cup Egg-Fried Bananas Glazed Apple Bites
Baked Apples Roasted Apples with Ice Cream Cantaloupe Soup


Icings, Glazes, & Frostings
Butter Frosting Thin White Icing Caramel Buttermilk Icing
Royal Icing Vanilla Glaze Lemon Curd

Pies & Tarts
Basic Pie Dough Flaky Pastry Dough
Double-Crust Apple Pie Blueberry-Peach Tart Granny McCoy's Pumpkin Pie
Brigid's Blackberry Pie Bealtaine Cream Pie Mom McCoy's Lemon Chess Pie
Apple Turnovers Key Lime Pie  

Chocolate Chip Cookies Spice Cookies Mini Meringues
Bear-On-the-Mountain Cookies Chocolate Truffle Cookies Coffee Bean Cookies
Dutch Holiday Cookies Glazed Lemon Rounds Swirly Pink Cookies
Crescent Cakes Spangly Heart Cookies 1610 Rose Cakes
Snickerdoodle Cookies All Hallow's Eve Cakes Molasses-Ginger Animal Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies Cardamom Print Sandwich Cookies Rich Esbat Biscuits
Gingerbread Men Cookies Black-and-White Cookies Pfeffernusse
Strawberry Cookies Snickerdoodle Pinwheels Lemon Poppy-seed Melts
Poppy Seed Spirals Oatmeal Cookies Sand Tarts
Moravian Molasses Cookies Lemon Cardamom Cookies Madeleines
Moon Baubles Fairy Drops Austrian Cream Cookies
Candy Cane Cookies Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cookies Whipped Shortbread Cookies
Chocolate Mint Cookies Eggnog Sparkle Cookies Caramel Refrigerator Cookies
Banana Spice Cookies Rosebud Cookies Brown Sugar Drops
Ruby Jewel Cookies Vanilla Snaps Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies
Whoopie Pies Spritz Cookies Cardamom Buttermilk Cookies
Fall Leaf Cookies Summer Pastel Cookies Mini-Chip Gems
Yule Log Cookies Confetti Cookies Icicles
Apricot Pillows Peanut Butter Chip Tassies Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
 Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Cookies 

Brownies & Bars
Two-Tone Brownies Chocolate Mint Sticks Blondies
Pumpkin Brownies Chocolate Marble Bars Rice and Peanut Crispy Bars
Spiced Apricot Bars Eggnog Squares Chocolate Caramel Bars
Chocolate Espresso Bars Chocolate Coffee Cake Spice Bars
Special Treat No-Bake Squares Layers of Love Chocolate Brownies Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Coffee Cake

Devil's Food Cake Spice Cake Yellow Cake
Classic Chocolate Cake White Cake Hot Milk Sponge Cake
Blueberry Pudding Cake Chocolate-Orange Cupcakes Quick Buttermilk Cake
Honey Cake Sugar 'N Spice Cakes Tiny Fairy Cakes
Ostkaka (Swedish Cheesecake) Sour Cream and Honey Cake Green Man Cake
Vanilla-Fudge Marble Cake Buttercup Cake Fairy Muffins
Lemon Pound Cake Poppy Seed Cakes Boston Cream Pie
7UP Cake Bche de Nol (Yule Log Cake) Julekage (Yule cake)
King Cake Groundhog Day Cake Bleeding Heart Cupcakes
Cola Cupcakes Honey Cupcakes May Serpent Cake
Chocolate-Caramel Cupcakes Spice Cake with Golden Raisins Raspberry Torte
White Cupcakes Chocolate Cupcakes Hamburger Cupcakes
Traditional Gingerbread Sushi CupcakesSnowflake Cake
White Gingerbread Tea Cake Red Velvet CupcakesVegan Vanilla Cupcakes

Pretty Fairy Fudge Truffles Chocolate Swirls
Peppermint Cremes After-Dinner Wafers Candied Flowers
  Treacle Toffee  

Sweet Bread Confections
Glazed Banana Spice Loaf Shortbread Cinnamon Buns
Anise Biscotti May Day Maple Hearth Bread Chocolate Shortbread
Passover Chocolate Cream Puffs Cornmeal Shortbread Granny Kat's Pumpkin Roll
  White Chocolate-Iced Blueberry Loaf  

Puddings, Mousses, & Ice Creams
Baked Croissant Pudding Butterscotch Pudding Iced Raspberry Mousse
Rosemary Sherbet Indian Pudding  

Other Desserts
Brandysnaps Snapdragons Pear Dessert
Buckeyes Caramel Flans Flan Especial
  Chocolate Bird's Nests  


Wassail Soft Mead Ostara Pineapple Punch
Almond Milk Psychic Physic Fruited Iced Tea
Mint-Flower Yogurt Drink Divinely Spiced Wine Samhain Cider
Old-Fashioned Mulled Cider Chocolate de Mexicanos Sima
Switchel Eggnog Midsummer Passionflower Punch

Have fun stuffing your face. :)

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