Elder Flower Fritters

[elder flower fritters]



Yield: Fried like pancakes: About 10. Deep fat fryer: About 2 dozen.
Source: Patricia Telesco, A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook
Use for: Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Samhain

Note: In many areas it may be tough to find fresh elder flowers. I myself made this recipe with dried elder flowers ordered from Living Earth Herbs. It still tasted fine. If you order from somewhere or pick them yourself, make sure they are the Nigra variety because there is a kind you shouldn't use due to high toxicity.

IF YOU CANNOT FIND ELDER FLOWERS or you are squeamish about eating flowers, there is a variation:

[apple fritters]

You can make this recipe by substituting very finely diced apples--about a cup's worth--for the flowers, and adding a little fresh mint. If you do do this substitution I urge you to not neglect the mint, because with either elder flowers or with apple-and-mint, the minty taste is really what makes it so good.

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