Pagan Recipes!

(Note: These recipes are not necessarily from a "Pagan" origin, but are rather seasonally appropriate or holiday-oriented, either judged so by their author or by me.)

All recipes have sources quoted, but NONE are copied outright; the source is quoted because I got original inspiration from other sources, and all reflect my personal baking experience and are paraphrased or re-written in my own words. All pictures are original.

Even if you're not Pagan, it's a really fun experience to coordinate your baking and cooking with the seasons and with tradition. If you need to know more about the holidays and how these recipes figure in, you might want to check out my Paganism site. If you just want to know the dates and a nice guideline for what foods are seasonal for when, please check out this chart. Enjoy!

Recipes for Yule

Gingerbread Men Cookies Chocolate Shortbread Wassail
Dutch Holiday Cookies Eggnog Squares Snickerdoodle Pinwheels
Poppy Seed Spirals Pfeffernusse Lemon Poppy-Seed Melts
Chocolate Mint Sticks Lacy Parmesan Crisps Coffee Bean Cookies
Bear-On-the-Mountain Cookies Roasted Apples with Ice Cream Caretaker Farm Bread
Eggnog Bche de Nol (Yule Log Cake) Cornmeal Shortbread
Caraway Dinner Rolls Julekage (Yule cake) Whipped Shortbread
Eggnog Sparkle Cookies Treacle Toffee Yule Log Cookies
Icicles Coquito Traditional Gingerbread
  Snowflake Cake 

Recipes for Imbolc

Divinely Spiced Wine Candlemas Sunrise Divinity Candy
Angelic Biscuits Ostkaka: Swedish Cheesecake Sour Cream and Honey Cake
Maple Nut Muffins Honey Cake The Best Scones
Baked Croissant Pudding Lemon Bread Brede's Braid Bread
Irish Potato Bread Boxty Scones Caretaker Farm Bread
Groundhog Day Cake Icicles Snowflake Cake

Recipes for Ostara

Fried Bread and Eggs Deviled Eggs Divinity Candy
Maple Nut Muffins Vareneky Fellowship Fruit Cup
"Be Sweet" Honey Cakes Hot Cross Buns Soft Mead
Ostara Pineapple Punch Glazed Apple Bites After-Dinner Wafers
Candied Flowers Sugar 'N Spice Cakes Rosemary Sherbet
  Springtime Strawberry Bread 

Recipes for Beltane

Vareneky "Be Sweet" Honey Cakes Glazed Apple Bites
Miniature Muffins After-Dinner Wafers May Day Maple Hearth Bread
Faeryland French Toast Strawberry Cookies Scones of Edinburgh
Divinity Candy Blueberry-Peach Tart Mint-Flower Yogurt Drink
Blueberry Muffins Elder Flower Fritters Rosemary Sherbet
Springtime Strawberry Bread May Serpent Cake Bealtaine Cream Pie
Farls Switchel Makaronio Me Feta
Summer Pastel Cookies White Chocolate-Iced Blueberry Loaf Blueberry Pudding Cake

Recipes for Litha

Fruited Iced Tea Miniature Muffins Buckeyes
Almond Milk Savory Cheddar Biscuits Strawberry Cookies
Blueberry-Peach Tart Mint-Flower Yogurt Drink Blueberry Muffins
Elder Flower Fritters Mom McCoy's Lemon Chess Pie Midsummer Passionflower Punch
  Summer Pastel Cookies 

Recipes for Lughnasadh

Angelic Biscuits Bread Recipe Cornbread
Cornmeal Shortbread Boxty Scones Soda Bread
Picnic Calzones Rice and Peanut Crispy Bars Poppy Seed Cakes
Lammas Bread Noodles in Faery Butter Elder Flower Fritters
Corn Pudding Cheddar Cheese Bread Harvest Bread Basket
Brigid's Blackberry Pie Indian Pudding 

Recipes for Mabon

Cornbread Cornmeal Shortbread Luminous Crescents
Rice and Peanut Crispy Bars Banana Bread Baked Apples
Indian Fry Bread Picnic Calzones Old-Fashioned Mulled Cider
Corn Pudding Apple Bread Cheddar Cheese Bread
Harvest Bread Basket Indian Pudding Fall Leaf Cookies

Recipes for Samhain

All Hallow's Eve Cakes Molasses-Ginger Animal Cookies Granny McCoy's Pumpkin Pie
Samhain Cider Old-Fashioned Mulled Cider Chocolate de Mexicanos
Pumpkin Muffins Green Man Cake Indian Fry Bread
Elder Flower Fritters Clear-Sight Carrots Corn Pudding
Cranberry Muffins Pan de Muertos Pumpkin Bread
Fall Leaf Cookies Granny Kat's Pumpkin Roll 

Recipes for all Sabbats

Sabbat Cake Recipe

Recipes for Esbats

Candlemas Sunrise Psychic Physic Full Moon Cauliflower
Crescent Cakes Rich Esbat Biscuits Welsh Honey Cakes

Recipes for Handfasting


Recipes for Anytime


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