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Who's Akane? Why, she's this girl right here, who's putting the lizard in the cauldron. She's from an anime (Japanese animation) called Ranma ½. She is the worst cook on Earth. Everything she cooks is so bad that whoever eats it becomes very sick and usually makes a big show out of rejecting the food.

Because I know that cooking is not easy at the beginning, most of these are very easy recipes. They are from my personal collection, though of course many are from other sources, which are always quoted at the end of each recipe where appropriate. Because I have pulled only from a collection of recipes I use and like, they are all vegetarian, except in the cases where they have an option to add meat. Also, because I am Pagan and do a lot of festive cooking around the holidays, this list features a large number of appropriate dishes for Pagan celebrations. The "Regular Recipes" page has what the Pagan one does and more, but the Pagan one is organized by holiday so that you can find one to fit your needs. I'll gladly take submissions and suggestions, though I will only use a recipe on this site if its source can be quoted. Thanks, and enjoy!

Pagan Recipes
Regular Recipes

Picture of Akane above is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and the Ranma ½ conglomerate, not by me. :)

[I love to cook!]

To plug in ingredients and get lists of recipes that use said ingredients, try Supercook.com!

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